Parker Water Supply

Parker Water Supply

Parker Water Supply

Water has been a major concern across the United States due to severe drought. The Parker water supply has also been a major concern. Many Coloradoans have water schedules and limits about when we are allowed to water the lawn. Now there is a new water law that will affect your outdoor usage. Rainwater barrels, such as those in the photo to the right, can be used to collect water for home usage.

Colorado Drought

According to the US drought monitor, this week shows that parts of Colorado are still abnormally dry. Parker’s water supply also suffers from a drought. Perhaps Colorado isn’t as dry as California, but we understand how droughts can affect your home. Homeowners know that there are water schedules and usage limitations in many areas.

South Metro Water Supply Authority Report

The South Metro Water Supply Authority released a report in August 2016 about our area. “It shows a combination of conservation, improved efficiency, and increased surface-water sources are putting the region ahead of schedule toward achieving a renewable and sustainable water supply. Conservation by residents has driven down per capita water demand by 30 percent since 2000.”

2016 Parker Water Schedule

Across Colorado, there are always water laws restricting water usage. Amounts and schedules when we can water are common. The 2016 Parker water schedule is not mandated by law. However, Parker Water provides guidelines to decrease water use and encourages conserving. Lawn aeration is recommended in the fall and the spring for many benefits according to Parker Water & Sanitation District:

Aerate the lawn in the spring and again in the fall to obtain these benefits:
• Improved water penetration into compacted soils and through thatch and mat layers.
• Compacted soil is loosened, increasing the availability of water and nutrients.
• Enhanced soil oxygen levels, which stimulate root growth and the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms.
• Enhanced turfgrass shoot and root development.
• Reduced water runoff.
• Increased turf drought tolerance.

Get a free lawn aeration estimate here. The estimate is completely free. Qualified, insured, trained arborists will give you a plant health care evaluation and meet your unique needs.

New 2016 Rain Water Law

A new rainwater law has been passed this August. The new law allows Coloradoans to collect rainwater from their own homes. There is a limit on the amount we are legally allowed to collect. We can collect 2 barrels which need to be equal to or less than 110 gallons. The water is good for using to water lawns or wash your car. However, it is not recommended to drink this water.

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