Lawn Services

We offer many lawn services for our Parker neighbors including:

Lawn Feed

Lawn Weed Control

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Aeration – April and October

Lawn Aerations

Lawn aerations are usually done in April/May and October. We offer lawn aeration here:

$55 for a small yard – 3000 square feet (sq. ft.)

$65 for a medium-sized yard – 5000 (sq. ft.)

$75 for a large yard – 7000 (sq. ft.)

If you have larger lard, please contact us for a free quote.

Lawn aerations are recommended twice a year – spring and fall.  We handle many lawn aeration services in Parker every year. That’s because aeration is an effective way to turn the topsoil in a heated way to allow more oxygen and runoff water into the lawn root zone. An April lawn aeration is a perfect time.

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Some lawn aeration benefits include:

Fertilizer efficiency increases, water soaks into the root zones decreasing water bills, and compacted soil is loosened giving your turf space to multiply.

Lawn aerating helps the natural photosynthesis of your grass by getting more fibrous nutrients to the roots of the grass.  Through proper lawn aeration, you’ll increase the flow of minerals and nutrients to your lawn’s root system while simultaneously allowing easier water flow to help promote healthy growth all year long.

If you are lawn aerating, make sure blades are sharp, sprinkler heads are accounted for, and the soil is not frozen.

It is better to wait to aerate if the soil is frozen. You also do not want the soil to be muddy or loose if it is raining. Plug depth is important but it’s more critical to make sure that the coring is pulling out the plugs, not pushing down and compacting the soil. Use the link below to learn more.

How to tell if a lawn needs aerating? – Bayer Advanced

We typically recommend three to five lawn weed and feed treatments per season. The feed is a proprietary lawn fertilizer specially formulated for the clay soil you find in Parker. Soil with a high amount of clay content leaches or drains water and nutrients more quickly.

In fact, the single biggest factor in fertilizer efficacy is making sure the right product is applied to the clay soils we have in our neighborhood. The root system of your lawn is what we are nurturing because without a strong root system the above-ground blades are not able to fully mature during the season.  We use a proprietary fertilizer blend to combat this phenomenon.

Also, our customer service team is here to look out for you and will work with you so your personal schedule is accommodated. If you are not sure what’s going on with your yard we offer a free estimate.