Snow Hazards in Parker

Snow Hazards in Parker

Snow season is among us here in Parker Colorado. There are snow hazards in Parker that you should be aware of during the wintertime that can affect your trees, yard, and personal property. Snow is a big culprit and cause of concern during the wintertime and the following are just a few issues to be aware of at this time.

Snow Accumulations on Branches

Snow Hazards in Parker

How can snow affect your trees? Snow can gather on tree branches, especially after long, hard snow. (Snow Photo: Barry Gilfry.) Sometimes in Colorado, we tend to get many inches of snow at one time or over multiple days. What dangers should we be concerned about? One danger specific to trees is actually when snow gathers on top of tree branches and causes the tree branches to become unstable. This is especially dangerous if a large tree branch becomes unstable and breaks. We do not want any unstable trees to fall on top of family, pedestrians, animals, homes, or other assets. You want to avoid any of these issues, which can lead to injuries and financial costs. If you see any unstable branches or trees, entrust only a qualified, insured, legal tree service business to care for your trees and yard.

Snow hazards in Parker are treacherous. Please do not endanger yourself by trying to reach branches or unsafe areas. Please call a qualified tree service to take care of them as they are trained in how to handle dangerous situations with trees.

Snow Mold on Lawns


Snow can also affect your lawn. For example, snow mold is a fungus that grows under snow cover. Generally, it is not noticed until after the snow melts. The fungus is a disease that can damage and sometimes kill grass during the winter or anytime there is snow cover for an extended period of time. The best way to avoid snow mold is to clear off snow on your lawn.

The best advice is to get experts in to view your lawn and find out what it needs specifically to improve its overall health. Or if you are trying to help damaged grass to recover from snow mold and prefer to do it yourself even if it doesn’t turn out how you expect it to, you may try to use a rake and break up matted down leaves so the living plants can grow through the dead leaves. If that doesn’t work, a little reseeding may be in order. Before reseeding, be sure to know which specific type of grass is in your yard so as to match it correctly. If all else fails and you’d rather the experts handle it so your yard turns out beautiful, contact an experienced, insured lawn and tree service business to do a free health care evaluation.

These are only a couple of issues that you should be concerned about when winter is around. Winter in Colorado is never easy and snow tends to cause many problems for our neighbors. Especially with such a bountiful amount of trees in Colorado, we are prone to have issues every once in a while. Please do not fall victim to snow hazards. Get a no-obligation, free plant health care estimate today.

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