New Truck: Thank You

New Truck: Thank You

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to our fleet of tree service vehicles. We have recently bought a brand new truck that will allow us to safely reach treetops without any problems. This smooth, new vehicle will make us able to more quickly and effectively do jobs for customers

First of all, the new truck was discovered by the owner of our business. Once he realized how much the truck would improve service time, he wanted it. He found a good deal for a bucket truck. Then he wasted no time. The price and the condition of the brand new  2017 Altec Freightliner was a deal he couldn’t pass up. The Freightliner was located in North Carolina. The distance from the Denver, Colorado area to North Carolina is over 1,600 miles. Even though it was so far away, he flew out as soon as possible. He picked up the truck and drove it back home.

How We Maintain the New Truck

New Truck

Here is a photo of the new truck. It is now part of our family and we will make it the best possible vehicle for our business. Whenever we get a truck, we adjust it to best perform our tree service needs. Safe, well-maintained vehicles are important to us. In addition, we have a mechanic on-site to help us to keep our vehicles maintained and in tip-top shape. We will add our logo to the truck to let you know who we are when we are at your home completing jobs.

Most of all, it is extremely important to us that our loyal customers understand how thankful we are to them to make it possible to buy a new truck. Thank you so much for making it possible to buy this new truck. Because of you, it was possible to buy it. We are humbled to be able to continue to serve you. We will continue to do everything in our power to do a fantastic job for every single person we serve.

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