Douglas County Picnic Hike

Douglas County Picnic Hike

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, there will be a Douglas County picnic hike. Land Conservancy is hosting a guided hike and bring-your-own picnic from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. For those of you interested in photography, amateur photographers will offer tips and tricks to capture the sunset and night photos. If you want to take photos, please bring your cameras!

Douglas County Picnic Hike

Meet at the Prarie Canyon Ranch Open Space, 4620 S. Highway 83, Franktown before 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20th in order to join the group for this special excursion. Bring your own picnic food, water, and cameras to fully enjoy the evening and hike. Please remember comfortable hiking footwear and a jacket just in case it starts raining. A little backpack with all your gear, camera, food, coats, etc. will really help you feel comfortable if you happen to get thirsty or need anything while on this hiking excursion. Please ensure you have waterproof things to protect the camera or anything needing protection from the rain if the weather does not hold up.

There will also be a marshmallow roast after watching the sunset and moon. Don’t forget to also bring your own marshmallows to ensure you and your family and friends have enough to roast a few on the open fire. Everyone always wants a marshmallow, which makes an outdoor hike or even camping so much more fun and exciting. If you have children, they will love it! Not to mention, you might want some chocolate and graham crackers to make some s’mores.

Douglas Land Conservancy is hosting this hike and picnic excursion. A $10/person donation is suggested to help support the conservancy and to encourage similar events in the future. As always, please be alert and careful with any fires and have a wonderful time enjoying our beautiful outdoor scenery and all present company.

Call 303.806.8733

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