What you can expect

What you can expect

First thanks for your support over the past 23 years. Parker and Castle Rock are our biggest areas of customer support and you helped make that happen!

Here is a three-minute update about the outlook for your trees and lawn in 2018. Follow the links to delve further.

Parker and Castle Rock are drier than other parts of the metro area

First, trees are different in Douglas County. The climate is drier, the storms more fierce and the winds harsher than in Denver and Boulder.

The landscape itself really begins to feel like the true Southwest. That’s likely why you love your neighborhood and make Parker and Castle Rock your home.

That said it can be hard on your trees and lawn. Remember to keep them watered throughout the summer and winter. 

Watering guidelines

Parker has voluntary watering restrictions and the city says that the honor system works well. It gives you the flexibility to water more when you need it.

Take advantage, because a healthy lawn and tree-scape provide environmental benefits as well.

Castle Rock’s restrictions are more restrictive with a program that you can go through called Water Wiser. Find out more

Emerald ash borer update

Emerald ash borer is currently undetected in Douglas County. While there is always a chance that it is around, that would mean that Denver, Arapahoe, and Jeffco are most likely infected and so far the only confirmed ash kill by EAB is in Boulder County. We will keep you updated. If you have a prized ash tree, this article will help you plan for EABs projected to move through the metro area.

Exclusive services for current customers 

We mainly focus on trees and lawns. Our lawn service is accepting new customers for the 2018 season so if you are looking for lawn services, check out this page and see if we can help. New neighbors qualify also and can earn both of you a discount.

BUT, we have some new cool services, available only to current customers such as,

  • land clearing
  • fire mitigation
  • tree planting
  • landscape/build projects

To learn more, click here.

If you’d like a quote on those let us know or check out the Parker tree care blog for more.

Our Parker Tree Care Blog

This is the 8th anniversary of our Parker-specific content blog and it’s been a huge success. As I said at the beginning, Parker and Castle Rock trees have different needs, diseases, and problems than Denver trees. The best practices for this area are on our blog. Enjoy!

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