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Tree Service Parker CO Tree Trimming Safety Summary: Bush pruning and tree trimming are key factors in keeping your yard looking presentable. But did you know that keeping trees trimmed is also important to meet Parker CO city standards and minimize your liability risks?

Bush pruning and tree trimming are both important to ensure the safety of your family and anyone walking on or around your property.

Pruning is simply the selective removal of specific parts of trees, bushes or plants. Dead or damaged branches from disease, infestation, and storm damage can quickly do your tree in. There are many other reasons to prune, including removing deadwood, shaping by directing growth, and harvesting fruit and flowers. However, safety pruning is an under-looked feature that you need to be aware of.

8 foot clearance on sidewalks

Homeowners frequently discover the importance of pruning when they notice an overgrown tree on their property. It’s the one everyone has to walk around or brush against when coming to your home!  Tree pruning is important in order to ensure family and pedestrians do not run into sidewalk obstructions. In fact building codes require you to keep your trees clear to at least 8 feet above public sidewalks. The first photo in this article is a perfect example of a tree in serious need of attention before someone runs into it and actually gets hurt. Not to mention neighbor kids riding their bikes.

Trees may also need pruning if low-hanging branches are obstructing public right-of-ways or block the sight-lines at an intersection.

There are times where portions of a tree are dead or structurally unsound, causing falling branches.  Ensure your trees are not a safety hazard and get a free tree trimming estimate.

clear doorways

Being a good neighbor

Be aware of how your trees and bushes may infringe on the property of neighbors.  If a tree or large bush falls and causes any property damage or personal injury, the homeowner is susceptible to lawsuits. Neighbor disputes over trees are a civil matter and your city arborist or park and recreation department has little legal standing to decide disputes.  Please avoid these types of issues and maintain your yard to meet community and legal standards.

Fire mitigation trimming

Fire mitigation may also be a concern for Parker residents. Much of Parker is in moderate or high fire danger areas. Pruning back or removing juniper bushes, that touch, or are under your house, deck or shed, can actually help prevent wildfire risk.  Junipers are the most flammable of common ornamental evergreen shrubs.  Ditto for large trees within a 30 foot zone of your houses. Keeping mature trees clear up to ten feet, also can prevent fire from reaching the crown of the tree.

Tree service Parker CO bush pruning and tree trimming services are available to help manage overgrown trees, bushes or shrubs. We know the City of Parker codes and follow all ISA trimming standards. Simply request a free estimate or quote and you can be rest assured that you are making the responsible decision to protect your family, yard, and home.

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