Tree Experts Urge Patience with Storm Damaged Trees

If a cold snap last November wasn’t enough, Mother’s Day really took a toll on trees across Douglas County, experts say. Just as hackberries, honey locust and ash trees were trying to leaf out for spring, a drastic freeze set them back.

“We are just getting totally inundated with calls about people’s trees,” Douglas County horticulturist Jane Rozum said.

It all started last fall, when temperatures plummeted from 50 degrees to well below 0, and for trees that’s a very stressful event, especially if they’re young and haven’t acclimated yet, Rozum said. Then the temperature hit 26 degrees on May 9 and just as some were trying to grow new life, they froze.

But things may look a little different now, said Highlands Ranch Metro District forestry supervisor Dennis Donovan. More …

Tree Service Parker CO Tree Trimming Safety

Tree Service Parker CO Tree Trimming Safety Summary: Bush pruning and tree trimming are key factors in keeping your yard looking presentable. But did you know that keeping trees trimmed is also important to meet Parker CO city standards and minimize your liability risks? Bush pruning and tree trimming are both important to ensure the More …