Stump Removal Service

Stump Removal Near Parker

An experienced stump removal service with satisfied customers throughout the Parker, Pinery and Castle Rock area, our trained technicians will assess stump and it’s location and provide you with a free grinding quote.  All haul=away included and we will fill hole as best as possible with material.

The three main benefits of removing a tree stump are to:

  • Clear up area for grass or other purposes.
  • Plant a tree in its place.
  • Prevent a good place for bugs and pests to take root. 

Here is the process.

  1. We complete your free estimate and advise you if any structures such as fences or nearby patios may present problems.
  2. Once you approve the work, we notify utility companies so no costly damage occurs to underground lines during the stump grinding.
  3. We then send a crew out on the appointed day with one of our Morbark stump grinders. These machines fit in most yards.
  4. We grind the stump and haul almost all of the mulch.

A plywood shield is utilized to protect your house windows from any debris or rocks kicked up by  the circular teeth of the stump grinder. ArborScape can leave the mulch created by this process or haul it away to be recycled. We usually leave a little mulch in the ground area to serve as filler for new topsoil.  We can also grind the roots and treat the leftover material to make sure a new tree doesn’t develop.

We reduce the stump to 6 inches or more below grade level so you can install turf, mulch or ground cover.   As with all of our services, we clean up everything.  You’ll hardly be able to tell that we’ve been there. Keep in mind that the organic material and roots will continue to suck nitrogen out of the soil so we recommend waiting 6 months or planting a new tree 1 to 2 feet to either side.

if you’re suffering from roots moving over your lawn creating bumps, this is a sign the tree is drought stressed. If it is early enough in its life, deep-root watering and fertilization can saturate the root zone and could encourage roots to go deeper to find water.