June 2018 Update – Insect treatments and lawn weed & feed begins

As we get into the first round of the general insect treatments for trees and the weed and feeds for lawns, it’s important to remember what it’s all about. 

First, the general insect treatments. These spraying services are for people who want to maintain a top-notch tree appearance and to help their trees live through their full lifespan. 

Trees are under environmental and insect attack and defoliation, in our climate. Symptoms might be loss of canopy, which erodes the trees ability to generate energy and nutrition. You may see the presence of a sticky substance called honeydew as a sign of this.

We apply the contracted treatments on a scheduled basis. Foliar sprays or contact pesticides are  done a scheduled basis rotation throughout the growing season. Target trees will be addressed during the initial plant health care evaluation when you decide to hire us and during the first treatment of the year for repeat customers. We will make adjustments and recommendations based on the opening condition of the yard.

There is a proper time for each treatment depending on the the proper time and place for each treatment. For example, aphids are usually coming out in late May which is when the general insect round is also timed.

Beyond application of given treatments for a specific time, it’s the idea of consistent monitoring that’s a nice feature of having an experienced arborist monitoring your trees and yards. That’s what our PHC customers get. 

For lawns, all this rain has really helped the grass grow but it’s crucial to get on top of weeds before they over-run the yard. 

We will call before we come out and we sent a letter to all our customers so if you happened to not get a letter but need a treatment or are wondering about your plant health services, feel free to contact us. 


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