Creating Defensible Space

Fire mitigation create areas, called defensible space, for fire crews to move around if and when they are called on to battle forest or brush fires. But it’s the letter from a home insurance company that likely has you visiting our site.

Here’s what you need to look for from a tree company providing defensible space,

  • Managing quality – we know how much defensible space to create
  • Work with Firewise approved consultants on following precise guidelines for creating defensible space.
  • Crews trained by an ISA arborist.
  • Convenient scheduling.

Fire mitigation services we offer,

  • Removal of Trees and Brush also called forest fuel reduction.
  • Trimming of Trees and Brush or ladder fuel removal.
  • Annual Maintenance of your Defensible Space Zone.

Residents in south metro typically invest $1000 to $6000 for an initial creation of defensible space. Increasing wildfire activity is driving a greater interest in residential level debris clearing and trimming.

We can’t help with some aspects that a home insurer might object to such as deck or roofing material but our solution can help with,

  • removing common juniper bushes within 5 feet.
    clearing 30 feet to each side of the driveway.
    removal of overhanging trees within 30 feet of structures.
    trimming of lateral fuels up to 10 feet, out to 100 feet.
    ongoing maintenance (yearly, every other year).

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Other resources

Live in Douglas County and want a hazard assessment from your county? Contact DougCo Wildfire Mitigation Staff for a free consultation.

For Western Jefferson county like Evergreen, Golden or Conifer you can get free or low cost mitigation planning done. Here is the contact information:

District Forester
1504 Quaker Street
Golden, CO 80401-2956
(303) 279-9757

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