Why Winter Watering is Important

Why Winter Watering is Important

It is important to understand why winter watering is important. In the summertime, homeowners are aware that trees need watering. However, there is a need to water in the winter months also, from October through March. There are a couple reasons that trees need the extra watering during the wintertime.

Colorado Drought and Weather Make Winter Watering Important

This year drought has been a common climate condition that has swept across the United States. Colorado has been affected by drought in the last few years. It’s normally dry with low humidity and can experience some fairly strong gusts of wind that increase dryness in the soil. Colorado soils are also known to be hard and And with many of our hard soils in the Parker, Denver, and surrounding areas, we need to try to improve water absorption despite the conditions.

Colorado also experiences significant extreme weather swings. At times, we experience hot and cold temperatures during a week, and sometimes this happens within the same day. The sun seems to get very hot at times also and sucks the moisture out of plants and people alike. These types of temperature swings affect yards and trees, which need to be strong and healthy enough to withstand these changes.

Expert Arborist David Merriman states, “Maintaining consistent moisture in the winter months prevents drought stress. Drought-stressed trees are more vulnerable to disease and insect infestations. Keep a watchful eye for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Symptoms from lack of water can appear immediately and include browning and drying of needs.”

Winter Tree Care Tips

Denver Arborist David Merriman is helpful in giving winter tree care tips. Winter tree care tips include watering trees and helping the trees retain water. Homeowners and commercial landowners should water trees up to twice monthly from October through March. Merriman states, “ During the fall and winter months, root development still occurs.” And the tree root system expands up to three times wider than a tree’s height. Even though Parker and Colorado soils may be hard during the winter, the tree’s roots are still needing to absorb some water and damage from not receiving enough may cause the tree to experience branch loss and the tree can actually die. Even the dormant trees have root systems that need some moisture to stay alive. A tree’s roots are located in the root zone, which is approximately a foot deep from the soil and 2-3 times wider than the tree is high. Winter watering helps keep the tree root zone moist.

How to Water Trees in Winter

Merriman gives us the info on how to best water trees. With over 20 years experience in the Parker and Denver area, he understands how trees in our area are affected by the weather conditions, seasonal changes, and local soil types. Merriman says, “Water should be applied within the dripline of a tree. The dripline is where the tree branches end all around the tree. Water deeply and slowly, applying water in a triangular pattern within the dripline.” He further explains that each diameter inch of a tree needs 10 gallons of water each watering, which he recommends up to twice monthly from October through March.

Keep our yards healthy, neighbors!

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