Tree Service Parker CO Emerald Ash Borer

Tree Service Parker CO Emerald Ash Borer Information

While emerald ash borer was discovered in September 2013 in Boulder, the rest of the state including Parker and Douglas County has yet to see definitive evidence of an infestation. Based on dispersal patterns in other states and controlling for the lack of natural ash tree stands here in the metro area, it could be three years or longer before emerald ash borer (EAB) makes its way to Douglas County. EAB is transported mainly by firewood transport.

The other point of view that’s been taking shape as the age of the Boulder infestation increases (it’s up to an existence time frame of three years in Boulder County) is the feeling that EAB is present in other metro area towns, it just hasn’t been discovered yet.

In Parker, arborists and agriculture officials have answered some calls of EAB-like  symptoms in ash trees but ultimately the infestation was documented to be another species of ash borer (there are several), ash bark beetles or plain old drought.

The tree service Parker CO emerald ash borer leaves distinctive entrance holes through the bark and carved pathways of movement, called galleries, underneath the bark layer. The types of galleries that an ash borer leaves hints at the type of insect that was present and is usually the only evidence that is left if the larvae or adult ash borer has moved on to another tree.

Officially, Parker CO is EAB free. Anecdotally, there is a chance that EAB is already in other counties on the Front Range including Douglas.  Stay tuned for more as we move into the growing season.






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