The Wildlife Experience

“The Wildlife Experience is an interactive museum in Parker that presents information on the world’s wildlife and ecosystems and foster discovery through fun. ” However, I always have to ask if kids like it. I’ll say this. Museums are a lot more interesting than when I was a kid. I remember an outing to some obscure historical society museum as the travel equivalent of eating your vegetables.

I have heard a lot of great things about the Wildlife Experience though and I have an ISA conference there today and tomorrow so I’ll have some time to check it out. Here were interesting exhibits that the museum has done.

It looks like museum has a new exhibit coming up called “American Mustang”

““American Mustang” is a documentary presented in 3-D that examines the plight of wild horses in the American West while considering their place in the national psyche, ” according to the Parker Chronicle

Also our online friend Chrissy Morin shared a movie and martini night that they do at the museum also.


So there’s a lot going on. It’s great to see Hayes Photography pitching in also with a virtual tour of the museum. Local business benefits when they are involved in community organizations like this. I couldn’t embed the tour but you can check it out on the Wildlife Experience website.

Of course the promotion of wildlife art is an important gateway to getting interested in nature and here is a video one of the museum’s art exhibits.

Love to hear what you thoughts of the Wildlife Experience. Should I take the kids over?


The Wildlife Experience
Parker Chronicle

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