Snow Mold

Snow Mold in Parker

Snow mold in Parker Colorado is an unwanted fungus that erodes grass and you’re not likely to see it since snow covers this fungal infection. Parker and Denver have a significant increase in snow mold this year. How does the most develop and what can we do to eliminate this uninvited guest?

How Does Snow Mold Develop

Snow Mold in Parker and Denver areas of Colorado. Photo: Plantalk Colorado

Snow Mold Photo: Plantalk Colorado

When the ground is not frozen but snow sits atop, that is when snow mold can start feeding on and destroying grass. Since the mold is hidden under the snow, you cannot see the problem. Once the snow melts, that’s when you see it and realize that your grass was devoured.

This fungal foe is able to damage and even kill grass. It is also discolored, such as straw-colored, brownish, whitish, etc. Often circular in shape, the grass is matted down. Here is a photo of what snow mold can look like when you are able to see it.

How to Manage Snow Mold

There are a few solutions to treat snow mold. The most simple and cost-effective method that Plant Health Care Manager Jeff Disler recommends is to “rake the grass where snow mold occurs to disperse it.” Raking helps break up the matted grass and allows it to dry out. Fungus does not flourish as much in dry environments. Be sure to avoid overzealous raking as to avoid further damage.

A couple other treatments for this wintertime fungus include spraying and aeration at the proper times. Lawn aeration allows water and nutrients to better penetrate your lawn’s root system. Plantalk Colorado informs us, “Light spring nitrogen fertilization (especially if no fertilizer was applied the previous fall) will help speed the growth of new grass from the underground stems that are not harmed by the snow mold fungus.” 

Snow mold in Parker Colorado is a fungus we don’t want. If you need spraying or lawn aeration, we would be happy to help improve your lawn’s health.We are a fully insured, licensed, registered tree service business wanting to help your lawn and trees live a long healthy life. Get a Free Estimate Here.

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