IS the EAB in Parker CO

Is the EAB in Parker CO?

As a resident of the area, you might be wondering is the EAB in Parker Colorado. You may not know what the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is and how it can affect your ash trees. The EAB is likely to infest the entire Parker area in the next decade.

What is the Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a devastating green beetle.  The EAB infests, destroys and kills many ash trees. Initially the EAB was discovered in Boulder CO.  There is a quarantine for specific Colorado areas and an instruction guide to help us understand how to deal with the pest. If you are unsure if you have an ash tree, view the ash tree identification guide.

The Colorado Emerald Ash Borer Response Team

The Colorado Emerald Ash Borer Response Team is made up of government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations. This conglomerate has created an Ash Tree Management Zone Map to show EAB quarantines. Parker is expected to have EAB infestation within a decade. Areas where ash trees grow are at risk. For more information or to find out if another Colorado area is infested with the EAB, visit the Ash Tree Management Zone map.

Is Your Ash Tree EAB Infested

The Emerald Ash Borer Response Team has released symptoms to help you determine if your ash tree is infested by the EAB. Is the EAB in Parker CO can be answered by identifying if ash trees have these symptoms. A few symptoms include thinning of leaves and upper branches and larvae tunnels under bark. Infected trees also have ⅛” D-shaped exit holes and vertical splits of the bark.

Seek assistance from a professional arborist instead of treating the EAB yourself. ArborScapeServices has announced its EAB Cost Calculator if you need help treating an infestation.

The Colorado Emerald Ash Borer Response Team is also recommending planting replacement trees now, but to avoid ash trees that are susceptible to EAB infestation. Please report EAB ash tree infestation to the Colorado Department of Agriculture (Phone: 888-248-5535).

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