Congrats Parker – You’re #1 For Arborists

Congratulations Parker, you ask for arborist services at a higher rate then any community we serve.

That makes you number one in our book and more likely your tree will thrive and live a full life. Here’s why.

An arborist is a tree scientist, known also as a tree surgeon or a tree doctor.  One of the highest levels of certification is granted  by the American Scoiety of Consulting Arborists ( ASCA).  Staff arborist David Merriman earned that distinction in 2010 after 20 years of service and countless hours of consulting and training.

In the tree care industry that amounts to a Masters degree level of tree knowledge. 

That knowledge goes right in to the care and nurturing of your tree.

“I find that our clients in Parker, Douglas County, have more of an appreciation of our education then other areas,” Merriman said.

Many people don’t  know what an arborist is, in comparison to a tree remover, landscape tech or lawn tech.

“That is not an issue in Parker. Residents do their homework, check our qualifications and read our tree care articles. They expect qualititative results they can see and feel,” Matt Johnson, Marketing Director for ArborScape said. “After all they are looking for a tree scientist which defines what an arborist is.”

“We respect that Parker residents value their trees and know to type arborist into Google when they need services done,” Johnson said.

Johnson hopes that residents will start adding more pictures and observations into the comments of the Tree Service Parker blog. If you have questions about how to add a picture or comment, let us know.




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